Engineering is a state of mind

You solve problems. You look at things from different angles. You’re curious about the world around you. That’s exactly the way an engineer thinks. And exactly the sort of mindset we’re looking for at Thales.

So, if you want to earn while you learn and develop skills that thousands of businesses desperately want, join our Apprenticeship scheme.

You’ll be making the most of your talents, getting to understand engineering from the ground up; and doing so with the help of one of the biggest and best names in the industry. For more about us, read here.


As a Thales Apprentice you’ll enjoy:

  • On-the-job learning backed up with a dedicated mentor
  • Paid work and study – you can earn while working your way to an accredited college course
  • Working with the latest technology – creating the future. Be part of a business built on innovation
  • Variety of work – no two projects or clients are the same.

What’s more, you’ll be joining hundreds of problem solvers just like you. People who take technology, add in their expertise, and create groundbreaking solutions for the Aerospace, Space, Transportation, Defence and Security industries.

Hear why some of our current apprentices chose Thales in our people section.

Talk To Us

How can I find out more about Thales?

Have you got any burning careers questions that you’d like answering? Or want to know more about what we do and how we think?


Careers questions? Add us as a contact on WhatsApp and you can message the Early Careers team directly.
+44 (0) 7976123402


Follow us on Snapchat to see life at Thales through our apprentices’ eyes and challenge yourself with our brain teasers. Find us @ThalesCareers or add by Snapcode.

Follow us on Snapchat to see life at Thales through our apprentices’ eyes and challenge yourself with our brain teasers. Find us @ThalesCareers or scan our Snapcode here.


What do I get out of being an Apprentice?

We want you to be the best you can possibly be. So first off, we’ll make sure you get plenty of experience – getting you close to projects that will boost your raw talent.

We also want you to get the support and training you deserve. So, as well as giving you a role that will see you working alongside true experts, we’ll pay for you to study for a relevant qualification from an accredited training provider.

What’s more, we’ll send you on two, five-day residential training courses in the Lake District that will give you the chance to develop other skills – like teamwork, communication and leadership – and get to know other people on the scheme.


What do I need?

There are no upper age limits to apply but, depending on the level of Apprenticeship, you will need:

  • Five GCSEs, or equivalent, including English and Maths


  • A-level qualifications (high-level Apprenticeship only)


  • Enthusiasm, drive, resourcefulness, commitment and an interest in technology.

(You’ll find details of exact requirements listed on live jobs)

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