What’s longer than the Houses of Parliament, wider than the span of the Angel of the North and six metres taller than Nelson's Column? The answer is the Royal Navy’s biggest and most powerful surface warship ever, the Queen Elizabeth-class (QEC) carrier.

Thales is working together with Babcock, BAE Systems and the UK Ministry of Defence to deliver the 65,000 tonne carriers. Our work stretches from the overall ship design, operational models and management of the power and propulsion sub-alliance, to critical technology like the ship’s mission system and communications infrastructure. It also includes the development of the SMART- L 3D long range surveillance radar by our team of expert engineers too.

SMART-L is a 3D multibeam radar designed to provide long-range air and surface surveillance and target designation. It’s state-of-the-art technology, and its sensitivity allows for the early detection and tracking of very small aircraft and missiles, especially stealthy targets in a littoral environment. It’s just one more way in which we’re contributing to the QEC’s aim to support peace-keeping and conflict prevention worldwide.

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