Businesses are moving further and faster these days– quite literally. Did you know that approximately 22% of people worldwide are office-less ‘business nomads,’ and that an additional 25% frequently take their offices with them on the road – via tablets and smartphones? And with the convergence of personal and professional domains on these same devices, how can businesses stays secure?

Teopad is Thales’ innovative solution to these ever-growing challenges to mobile security. Our exclusively patented technology creates a trusted, dedicated professional workspace on personal devices that’s completely separate from the user's personal space. Compatible with all Android devices, Teopad provides an encrypted environment which is protected by robust authentication, and contains all the applications, data and settings required for professional activities. Plus the professional workspace has no effect on the user’s personal settings and in no way restricts the use of personal applications.

By integrating seamlessly with existing information systems, we’re helping businesses everywhere to be more mobile, more flexible and more secure.

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